Pre-Launch Post

I am a physician, double board certified in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry who has been on faculty at the UC Davis School of Medicine since 2005.  Ultrarunning, mountain running and climbing are passions of mine and over the years I have been thinking on how to integrate my medical training and experience in a way to contribute to the  ultrarunning community.  This blog is an experiment in providing my perspective on mental health, wellness, training and recovery to the public with the goal of being a source of information and support.  Like most blogs and podcasts by medical professionals I must give a disclosure:

The contents of this webpage and all blogs authored by John Onate, MD should not be interpreted or used as medical advice.  The information and views are for general information, advocacy, education and inspiration only. Specific medical questions and concerns should be addressed by the readers medical provider.  Reading this blog and any content contained within, including replies and comments authored by the writer in response to readers do not constitute a doctor patient relationship.

The first official post will be on depression in athletes, however, I would like to hear from you on topics or questions.  I am also in the very early stages of developing a podcast that would be part of this blog.

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